Colin's Giovanni Chronicles

The Sun Has Set (Session 1)

Preludes; London Ghost Story

The Sun Has Set (Session 1)

Dramatis Personae: The Children of Isaac and their Followers

  • Chana, a widowed Jewish merchant (Lasombra, Tanya)
  • Rylan, an armsman who has fought the Turks (Follower of Set, Josh)
  • Mercedes, a young Spanish noble woman (Malkavian, Jessie)
  • Velli, a rebellious peasant woman who despises the Inquisitions and Crusades of the Church (Brujah, Amy)
  • Gallo, a peasant hunter and trapper (Gangrel, Phil)
  • Adrianna, a young street urchin (Toreador, Metellus)
  • Marianna, the unwilling childe of Claudius Giovanni, ally of the Children of Isaac
  • Paul, a soldier crippled fighting the Turks, now made a ghoul by Rylan
  • Enzo, a bandit hired by Lothar to ambush the coterie, now made a ghoul by Chana

Preludes (1666-1848)


The Children of Isaac took Marianna’s advice and started wearing the cloaks and boots of Cappadocius while sleeping in a graveyard at least once per year. When they do, they suffer terrible nightmares of clawed hands reaching out of the tombs and graves to clutch at them. As a result of this yearly ritual, they begin to sense and even see wraiths. This evens the playing field against the Necromancers of the Giovanni a little, since it makes it harder for the Giovanni to send ghosts to spy upon them invisibly.

The Gaunt

The Children of Isaac now have the ability to see or sense wraiths while wearing the cloaks. However, an apparition begins to appear to them when they are wearing the cloaks. At first it appeared every few decades, but it seems to appear more and more as the years pass, but none of them know what it is or what it means. They see a spectral shadow, stooped and hidden in a black, hooded robe. A cold, dank wind arises whenever it appears. Those with a keen sense of hearing can detect the distant sound of dripping water, as if in a subterranean pool. The figure proffers a gold cup with a gnarled, gray hand. It makes no other attempt to communicate and vanishes instantly if approached

Augustus Giovanni

The Children of Isaac have had daymares of the Giovanni Antediluvian ever since the Last Supper in 1444, but ever since the events of Blood & Fire these also seem more frequent. In these horrible dreams, the Elders feel like lost and frightened children (a feeling they left behind centuries ago, for the most part!), and feel what remains of their souls slipping away under the terrible gaze of Augustus Giovanni himself. When they have these particular daymares, they tend to awaken late into the next night, sheathed in a film of bloody sweat.

The Anexhexeton (1847)

Through Mateusz Gryzbowsky, the Nosferatu antitribu Noddist at the Black Monastery, Chana, Mercedes, and Adrianna hear of a witches’ coven in Savoy, France, around 1450 that made reference to a copy of the Anexhexeton, which seems to be another name for or a part of The Sargon Fragment, while being interrogated by the Inquisition. It seems that the witches alleged that a copy of the Anexhexeton was in the keeping of a “Monsieur M” in Barcelona, Spain.

Chana, Mercedes, and Adrianna made their way to Barcelona, and with a little investigation, find out that the mysterious warlock named “Monsier M” is still alive (!!!) and operates out of a ruined church outside the city overlooking the sea. So the next night, they travel out to the ruined church, only to find it destroyed and smoking from a recent fire.

A little investigation revealed a charred corpse (that of “Monsieur M”) lying in an inscribed magical circle of protection (apparently it didn’t help!). There were charred books and documents nearby, but none were the Anexhexeton. There was also a mystical triangle carved into the stone floor, with the words “Anexhexeton,” “Tetragrammaton,” and “Primematum” around it.

Adrianna was able to use Auspex to “read” the scene – the corpse was indeed Monsieur M., he was working rituals from a black book of some sort, but the visions revealed that Marianna knocked him unconscious from behind and stole the book. Shortly thereafter, Ambrogino Giovanni himself and a blonde female vampire arrived to torture and kill Monsieur M., but they left disappointed. Adrianna had a horrible vision of gray, severed hands murdering Monsieur M.!

Chana collected the remaining fragments of books to add to her collection of occult lore, but it seemed that they were going to leave without further findings. Just then, a mysterious figure stepped out of the shadows – a vampire whose very presence made them very uncomfortable. Mercedes recognized him as Anatole, a Malkavian prophet who has been known to aid Marianna from time to time. He said he had a letter from Marianna for them, and they flinched as he approached to give it to them.

Mercedes tried to view his aura with Auspex, but was struck down by a brilliant white light and stunned. Adrianna was able to view Anatole’s aura, however, and found it sparkling with pure golden light – True Faith! No wonder they could not approach him! Adrianna also verified that the letter truly was from Marianna, written in her own blood, and begging the Children of Isaac to meet up with her in London in December 1848. The letter was addressed to just the Kindred present, confirming the story that she wrote it after a prophetic vision from Anatole.

Adrianna and Mercedes both decided to go to London in 1848 to meet up with Marianna. Chana was unconvinced, however.

Later, Chana returned to the Black Monastery and conferred with Lord Alexandre (who is looking terrible these nights). He mentioned that Lady Vadislava was supporting the chaos caused by Doctor Archibald Streck in London, perhaps with an eye to overthrowing Lasombra leadership in the Sabbat there. He believed that her actions would only make the Sabbat more vulnerable in London. He asked Chana to travel to London and meet up with Lady Katarina Astor there, the Lasombra priscus (and presumptive archbishop of London should fall to the Sabbat), to see what the situation was in London and what could be done to help. So Chana ended up deciding to go to London in December 1848 after all.

The Justicar (November 1848)

Velli and Gallo were traveling through France in the aftermath of some mortal chaos that seemed to be caused by the Sabbat. While in Paris, they heard of the presence of their old associate, Justicar Violetta of Paris. They were invited to meet with her at her estate on the banks of the Seine just north of the city, where they witnessed her interrogating a Sabbat Neonate named Marcel. Marcel admitted to being Sabbat – he had been given the Sabbat Creation Rites by a Brujah antitribu named Gottfried Dietz and promised revenge on his oppressors and tormentors, then sent in the name of Doctor Archibald Streck to cause chaos. But Marcel was captured. He seemed to indicate that from what he heard, London was Doctor Streck’s next target.

This news upset Violetta deeply, especially since she is soon calling a Camarilla Conclave in London to deal with the ongoing power vacuum left by the disappearance of Prince Mithras 50 years ago. She asked Velli
and Gallo to go to London and meet with Valerius for her, assess the situation and make known that the Justicar would soon be arriving for the Conclave if additional support was needed to handle Sabbat attacks.

The Dream (late 1848)

Rylan had a dream that he was in Castle Deverick in 1444, just after the Last Supper, when the Founders of the Camarilla were debating about what to do with the Children of Isaac. Just as had actually happened in 1444, the Founders had almost resolved to destroy the Children of Isaac, when Durga Syn intervened. She gave the Prophecy of the Blood Egg, revealing that the Children of Isaac had important roles to play in the future, just as she did in 1444.

But then, Durga Syn turned to Rylan in the dream and spoke directly to him, saying, “The season is heavy with portent and the hour of your fate draws near. If you would embrace your word and gain power over your enemies, then go to old Londinium and wait my coming, Do this, and you may yet survive the approaching maelstrom.” She glanced at the windows, to where a storm was raging outside.

Rylan awakened abruptly. He decided to go to London in December 1848 and look for any sign of Durga Syn there.

London Ghost Story (December 1848)

The Children of Isaac meet at the train station in London on December 13th, 1848. They followed protocol to introduce themselves to the Prince, or in this cast, the Prince’s Chamberlain, Valerius, at his new estate (his old one burned down in 1666; Mithras gave him this one before his disappearance – it had oince belonged to his Cappadocian Seneschal, Lord Thomas Camden). He introduced them to his childe, Lady Anne Bowesley, and discussed with them the upcoming feast for the Scottish Gangrel Count Dunlop and the Conclave to follow. He was able to tell them of recent Sabbat attacks on the Toreador clan, and that the Tremere were not able to find anything useful to them.

Knowing of their interest in matters relating to the Giovanni, Valerius told them that as far as he knew, Gillespi Giovanni had returned to Rome in 1666, and the last Giovanni interest in the city of which he knew was an old cathedral, Our Lady of the Sacred Heart in Wandsworth, about 50 years ago.

Our Lady of the Sacred Heart

Adrianna set off to investigate the cathedral. She found it run down, but still operating, She found a storage closet in which to hide and use Auspex to see what she could find out. She found personal effects belonging to a priest named Marcus Giovanni, including some large personal checks from a Montgomery Dunsirn (she took one of these for future reference). But she saw a wraith departing from the church, and suspected that it would inform the Giovanni of her presence, so Adrianna
did not stay to investigate further . . .

Next Session!

London Ghost Story continues on the night of December 13th, 1848!

  • 1 point automatic (all characters)
  • 1 point for “learning curve” (all characters)
  • 1 point for role-playing (all characters)


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