Renegade Childe of Claudius Giovanni


Marianna is 6th-generation Cappadocian, likely the last to have been Embraced by the Giovanni when they were still a bloodline of their parent clan. A childe of Claudius who bears immense hatred for her sire’s lineage, she has dedicated her unlife to the destruction of the Giovanni.

She is a slim, beautiful woman with flame red hair. To see her is like seeing an avatar of anguish.


In life, Marianna was an 18-year-old peasant girl selected to be the meal for a dinner party hosted by Claudius Giovanni and 12 other Kindred lords. But during the meal, Claudius’ castle was attacked by a cavalry of troops lead by his enemy, Hardestadt. In a panic, Claudius embraced Marianna to have her distract the soldiers while he made his escape. She is one of the select few Giovanni vampires who were not members of the Giovanni family in life.

After her Embrace, the surviving members of the Cappadocian clan took her in and gave her shelter. She stayed with them for a short time, where they taught her a basic knowledge of her disciplines. Marianna finds being a vampire a shameful thing. Each morning she falls asleep weeping tears of blood. She prefers to have nothing to do with her fellow “brothers and sisters in shame,” instead working alone, but she is very lonely.


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