Doctor Archibald Streck

Brujah antitribu philosopher and revolutionary


In his mortal days, Streck was a Prussian Junker who was a strong supporter of Emperor Frederick’s expansion into Sicily. He followed his king into the crusade and during this time, the German Ventrue decided to add him into their Clan, most prominently Hardestadt, who considered Embracing the young man himself.

It all came different, when a Brujah rival of Hardestadt, Marchettus, decided to rob the hated patricians of their price and gave Streck the Embrace himself. Streck’s aristocratic demeanor collapsed under the fits of rage and the indoctrination on part of his sire and he came to hate the false facade of civilization he had supported before.

He joined in with the antitribu and the nascent Sabbat, becoming a voice of extreme Sabbat anarchism in the 19th century. An accomplished author, his texts over revolution and rebellion had won many anarchs who had read his works to the Sabbat cause. Streck himself was behind various rebellions, making alliances with various independent Clans in order to overthrow local Camarilla societies.

Doctor Archibald Streck

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