Colin's Giovanni Chronicles

The Sun Has Set (Session 2)

London Ghost Story

The Sun Has Set (Session 2)

Dramatis Personae: The Children of Isaac and their Followers

  • Chana, a widowed Jewish merchant (Lasombra, Tanya)
  • Rylan, an armsman who has fought the Turks (Follower of Set, Josh)
  • Mercedes, a young Spanish noble woman (Malkavian, Jessie)
  • Velli, a rebellious peasant woman who despises the Inquisitions and Crusades of the Church (Brujah, Amy)
  • Gallo, a peasant hunter and trapper (Gangrel, Phil)
  • Adrianna, a young street urchin (Toreador, Metellus)
  • Marianna, the unwilling childe of Claudius Giovanni, ally of the Children of Isaac
  • Paul, a soldier crippled fighting the Turks, now made a ghoul by Rylan
  • Enzo, a bandit hired by Lothar to ambush the coterie, now made a ghoul by Chana

London Ghost Story (December 13th, 1848)

Lady Astor

Chana went to visit Lady Katarina Astor as she was advised at the Black Monastery. She met with Lady Astor at her mansion, called “The Whisper Gallery” for the strange play of shadows and whispering sounds generated by the Lasombra’s use of Obtenebration. Lady Astor was meeting with Doctor Archibald Streck when Chana arrived, and there was clearly tension and rivalry simmering between them that was almost ready to burst into violence. Lady Astor plans to take London for the Sabbat by playing the long game of undermining the Camarilla, and she feels that Dr. Streck endangers the Sabbat’s chances with his random acts of terrorism.

Lady Astor did mention rumors that Claudius Giovanni went to Egypt and was destroyed there by Augustus Giovanni himself.

After the meeting, Chana met up with Gallo.

The House of Valerius

Meanwhile, Mercedes and Adrianna had returned to the mansion of Valerius. Valerius was meeting with representatives of the Toreador clan, including Hortense Holden, who had been attacked by Sabbat vampires under the command of Doctor Archibald Streck. Also present was Victoria Ash, whose sire (and lover) had been killed by the Sabbat. She narrowly avoided the same fate and insisted that she now had the ability to see and converse with the spirits of the dead. The other vampires of London seemed to think that Victoria Ash had gone mad (and Mercedes seemed to enjoy the notion that the young Toreador was as mad as a Malkavian), but Adrianna’s use of Auspex indicated that she might really be seeing ghosts.

Through a lot of negotiation and diplomacy, Adrianna and Mercedes were able to get access to the hidden crypt of Lord Thomas Camden. There was a Thaumaturgic ritual there, and Adrianna used Auspex to get confirmation that a Giovanni agent had already gained access to the crypt.

The Children of Isaac convinced Valerius that the matter required more investigation. They got permission to consult with Monsieur Pachard, the current head of the Tremere clan in London. He confirmed the Auspex that a Giovanni agent, John Dunsirn, had gained access to the room and copied the wards and rituals inscribed on the walls.

The ritual was performed to open the crypt. They found the corpse of Lord Thomas Camden and a yellowed document in Classical Greek – a Letter to Constancia from Camden. The letter indicated that more information about The Sargon Fragment could be found in Egypt in the lair of Lazarus, who had been one of the disciples of Cappadocius himself. However, the crucial map needed to find the lair of Lazarus can be made to appear only with lore that died with the Cappadocians. The only alternative is to wait for it to appear, as it does every 42 years – and will again in 34 years, in 1882.

Next Game . . .

London Ghost Story continues in December 1848! Adrianna intended to check out the Dunsirn Brewery, the others to possibly visit Doctor Archibald Streck, attend the Feast for Count Dunlop, or search for Durga Syn or Marianna.

  • 1 point automatic (all characters)
  • 1 point for “learning curve” (all characters)
  • 1 point for role-playing (all characters)


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