Colin's Giovanni Chronicles

The Last Supper (Session 3)

Act II, Scenes 2-3

The Last Supper

Dramatis Personae

  • Chana, a widowed Jewish merchant (Lasombra, Tanya)
  • Rylan, an armsman who has fought the Turks (Follower of Set, Josh)
  • Mercedes, a young Spanish noble woman (Malkavian, Jessie)
  • Velli, a rebellious peasant woman who despises the Inquisitions and Crusades of the Church (Brujah, Amy)
  • Gallo, a peasant hunter and trapper (Gangrel, Phil)
  • Adrianna, a young street urchin (Toreador, Metellus)
  • Paul, a soldier crippled fighting the Turks, now made a ghoul by Rylan
  • Enzo, a bandit hired by Lothar to ambush the coterie, now made a ghoul by Velli

Act II: In The Halls of the Dead (continued)

Scene 2: We Are The Revolution (continued)


The coterie resumed its journey to The Inn of the Lion (established 1378) to try to meet up with the Conspiracy of Isaac as agents of the Founders. The innkeeper was an old man named Geppen whose granddaughter Megan was silently working at laying down fresh rushes on the floor. Attempts to communicate with her failed – the coterie later learned that it was because Sire Wenceslaus (Toreador elder and Adrianna’s sire) has taken a liking to her – he drained her blood frequently, had her Conditioned with Dominate, and was considering making her a ghoul so he can continue to enjoy her as a 10-year-old girl for centuries. Most of the coterie seemed properly appalled at this. Adrianna could see her aura was orange (denoting fear), and could see several other pale auras in the room that seemed to have no source . . .

The Lord Appears

Eventually Claudius Giovanni and the other Conspirators of Isaac revealed themselves (they were Obfuscated and hiding around the Inn of the Lion). After a short talk, it seemed that the Conspirators had now grudgingly accepted their Childer as their responsibility in Kindred society. They had not been expected to survive, and the Conspirators were surprised and pleased that their Childer had somehow escaped the clutches of the Founders.

The Plot

Claudius Giovanni did not deny plotting to destroy Japheth Cappadocius, explaining that Japheth has been driven mad by dark inquiries into things even the Kindred were not meant to know, and that his madness threatens to engulf the entire Cappadocian Clan. “I am afraid that Japheth’s blasphemous ideas have progressed to such a point that he now believes the Cappadocians can rise o’er our Lord God himself to rule the heavens.”

The Appeal for Loyalty

The members of the Conspiracy of Isaac offered to act as the coterie’s sires in fact, in exchange for their loyalty. They helped to explain the use of their Disciplines and to explain some aspects of Kindred society that were still not clear. The Conspirators believed that the coterie owes them loyalty – “Even the so-called Founders must agree that this bond is sacrosanct. If they truly hold the Traditions of Caine dear, how could they begrudge any childe his duty, his right, to serve his sire?”

The Message

Claudius Giovanni entrusted a letter to the coterie for them to bring to Japheth at The Monastery of Saint Timothy. The coterie spent the night at the Inn of the Lion before setting out for the monastery.


Brother Clement’s Ambush

On the road from the Inn of the Lion to the Monastery of Saint Timothy, the coterie’s carriage was ambushed by six Templar knights led by Brother Clement. the monk they had encountered at the Red Lamb Inn before their Last Supper. He thundered at them, “I warned ye! I told ye to shun the lands of the dead! Now ye have partaken of their evil! Ye would not heed the voice of the righteous! And now ye are damned!” As Chana observed, this was all accurate.

Despite the fact that the Templars were using weapons that could inflict aggravated damage against Kindred, the coterie overwhelmed them, killing and scattering them. Velli tried to make Brother Clement renounce his God, but since he would not break, she killed him. The members of the coterie felt various degrees of regret for the perceived necessity of killing the Templars, murdering their prisoners.

The Clan of Death

At the monastery, the coterie delivers the letter from Claudius Giovanni to Japheth, who said he must “commune with his father” . . . after he did so, he said that his father wished to speak to them directly.

Clan Founder

Cappadocius himself (the 3rd generation Antediluvian founder of the Cappadocian Clan) appeared to the coterie, floating a few inches above the chair he seemed to be sitting in, slightly translucent. He wore a white robe and a beatific smile. He spoke in a strong but gentle voice: “Welcome, my children. I am he who was once Cappadocius. I am Son of all Kindred. Unburden your hearts to me.”

After the members of the coterie had spoken, Cappadocius said, “To understand these things requires wisdom beyond that which you possess. You need the teachings of the Book of Nod. To possess wisdom is to have life beyond life; to lack it is to perish even in life. Do you wish this wisdom?”

The members of the coterie said that they did, especially Chana. Cappadocius then said, “This then do: return to those very Templars who attacked you. Forgive them and bless them. When you have done as I say, return to me, and you shall become wise.” The coterie agreed to do this.

Return to the Ambush

The coterie returned up the road, and they spoke words of forgiveness and blessing over the bodies of the Templars and Brother Clement whom they had slain. Velli struggled with forgiving these people. but at last she grudgingly did so as well. Once her forgiveness and blessing was given, the wounds of the Templars closed, and they arose from the dead. Mutely, they allowed the coterie to help lead them back to the monastery, where Japheth oversaw tending to their injuries and healing them.

The Lesson

Cappadocius then received the coterie again, saying, “Because you have harkened, you shall hear.” He spoke in parables about consuming blood being a key to power, speaking of the Eucharist as a consumption of blood to have Communion with God. He asked what they made of these portents. “Are you saying that the Christ was a vampire?” they asked.

“Our Saviour was far more than man or Kindred. But we Kindred are a step on the path. We are not Damned. We are a step closer to God himself through Caine. God’s redemption is for even such as us. But we needs must have our own sacrificial lamb of God, to redeem the blood of all Kindred,” *Cappadocius corrected them.

The coterie asked if Cappadocius was to be martyred for all Kindred, like Jesus for men. He simply said, “I do that which God intends.”

Cappadocius then said, “We are the Clan of life after death, life beyond death. Death not as an end, but as a beginning, and I am to become the ferryman of souls. Let them that have ears hear. Let them that have minds understand. And let them that have souls know. Amen. I bid ye farewell.” With that, he faded away.

Japheth was visibly shaken by these events. When asked, he said that he heard more of his father’s plans than he had ever heard before. He added, “Be exceedingly glad. My father rarely appears before us, almost never to other Clans, and never to fledglings. Ye are truly blessed!”

When asked if he still wanted them to bring Claudius Giovanni to the monastery in a week as he had earlier agreed, and whether or not he could trust the Giovanni, Japheth seemed uneasy. He said, “We need to focus on matters of the spirit, not of usury and greed. We have taken tax collectors into our bosom.” Yet he conceded, “I shall do as my father bids.”

Wrapping Up Act II

At the end of Act II. the coterie had to decide how to proceed. They decided that the majority of them would go first to speak to the Founders of these events, then go to meet up with Claudius Giovanni and the Conspiracy of Isaac as planned to notify them that Japheth would indeed meet in a week. Chana, feeling that she had found purpose and direction in her existence again hearing Cappadocius speak, decided to remain at the Monastery of Saint Timothy while the coterie goes to the Founders, and rejoin them when they go to the Conspiracy of Isaac.

Next begins Act III: The Choice

  • 1 point automatic (all characters)
  • 1 point for “learning curve” (all characters)
  • 1 point for role-playing (all characters)
  • 1 point for heroism (I awarded this because all characters forgave and blessed the Templars who were their enemies, allowing for the apparent miracle of their resurrection)
  • 1 point awarded to reflect the training that the members of the coterie received from their Sires (all characters)


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