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Interlude: Between "Blood & Fire" and "The Sun Has Set"

Interlude Notes

Interlude: Between “Blood & Fire” and “The Sun Has Set”

The previous session ended with the events leading up to and following the Great Fire of London in September 1666. “The Sun Has Set” properly begins in December of 1848, though our first session will encompass several Prelude events to that story. A few notes on downtime:

  • The Giovanni – The Giovanni Clan mostly adheres to the Promise of 1528 – the treaty between the Camarilla and the Giovanni that formally accepted the Giovanni as the successors of the Cappadocian Clan. It was given by the Founders and Claudius Giovanni, officially ending the feud between them that had silently festered since the Conspiracy of Isaac. The Promise included the assurance of non-interference of both Giovanni and Camarilla into each other’s affairs. There are rumors of a shake-up that has occurred among the Elders of the Clan, including rumors that Claudius Giovanni has met the Final Death at the hands of Augustus Giovanni, the clan’s Antediluvian founder.
  • Ambrogino Giovanni – has not directly crossed the paths of the *Children of Isaac" since 1666. He continues his quest for The Sargon Fragment (his copy was destroyed in the fire caused by Andre Mallotte that resulted in the Great Fire of London) and other lore of Cappadocius. He has probably interacted with all of the *Children of Isaac" at some point indirectly – sending assassins after each other and so forth. His current whereabouts and activities are unknown.
  • Count Jocalo – the Setite Methuselah who was interfering with the Children of Isaac in 1666 has become even more mysterious and elusive since then. Many younger vampires doubt that he even exists. His last rumored personal appearance was in Madrid, coinciding with the death of a powerful Elder. Among Spanish Kindred there are many wild rumors about him – that he can walk in sunlight, that he devours the souls of all he kills, that he consorts with demons, that he is a powerful Necromancer outside the Giovanni who consorts with the ghosts of the dead, that he controls a chantry of mortal mages, and that he is not really a vampire at all, but something far worse. No one knows the truth. But the Setite has not been directly encountered by anyone since 1666.
  • Prince Mithras of LondonMithras was one of the oldest and most powerful vampires the Children of Isaac ever encountered (besides the Antediluvian Cappadocius and his successor, Augustus Giovanni). Prince Mithras was very active in 1666, but as years passed the weight of his great age seemed to press on him. He disappeared 50 years ago, in 1798, and is presumed to have entered torpor, as happens to so many Methuselahs of his age and power. In his absence, London has been overseen by his Chamberlain, Valerius. Valerius is the most influential member of the Camarilla in London, but his authority still derives from his appointement as Mithras’ Chamberlain, and he is NOT the Prince. Justicar Violetta of Paris has announced her intention to call a London Conclave in late December of 1848 to deal with the power vacuum left by Mithras’ disappearance.
  • Revolutions and the Sabbat – After well over a century in retreat and the Sabbat Civil War in the Americas (that roughly coincided with the American Revolution), the sect is somewhat resurgent in Europe. Revolutions sweep throughout Europe, leaving many cities in flames. Popular insurrections have scarred Paris, Vienna, Milan, and Berlin, among others. The crowned heads of Europe fear continental rebellion on an unprecedented scale and have brutally suppressed revolts. Under cover of these rebellions, a Brujah antitribu Elder named Streck has attacked Camarilla interests in a manner not seen in over 150 years. Streck uses guerrilla tactics to strike at Camarilla interests from the shadows and disappear before the establishment can mount an effective counterattack. Camarilla Elders fear he is gearing up for a massive campaign against them – so far he has mostly targeted Neonates while leaving the Elders untouched, undermining the confidence of the lower orders of the Camarilla that their Elders can protect them.
  • The Founders – Unless the Children of Isaac go out of their way to involve themselves in the affairs of the Founders, the Founders of the Camarilla mostly leave them alone between 1666-1848.
  • The Sabbat of the Black Monastery – The Black Monastery is still in existence, under the Lasombra Elder Lord Alexandre. He rarely leaves shadow form these nights, and when he does, he reportedly looks older and decayed, as though the shadows were slowly eroding him. He has split with his former ally, Lady Vadislava, who has been responsible for some Sabbat attacks against London. Lord Alexandre suspects that Lady Vadislava and Clan Tzimisce may be trying to undermine Clan Lasombra’s leadership of the Sabbat. Mateusz Gryzbowsky has remained on good terms with any Sabbat who visit the Black Monastery and has been trying to track the movements of Marianna, Ambrogino Giovanni, and any rumors of the Sargon Fragment.
  • Durga Syn – the enigmatic Ravnos soothsayer has not been seen in about 250 years, and has been rumored to be somewhere in Russia.
  • Marianna – has not been seen much since 1666. She resurfaced briefly in Paris in the 1700s, pursued by the Giovanni. There was an incident that left one Camarilla ancilla and two Giovanni assassins dead. Not much is known of her activities since then, but it seems she has been relentlessly pursuing any hints of the Sargon Fragment or other lore relating to Cappadocius.
  • The Conspiracy of Isaac – most of the conspirators were destroyed or imprisoned in 1444. There is a persistent rumor in recent years that the Setite conspirator, Lady Amisa, who was held prisoner, somehow escaped, being replaced by a duplicate. No one knows exactly how the rumor got started, but the thought of a Setite Elder on the loose has frightened a number of Neonates.


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