Part 1 - The Last Supper

The Last Supper


“The themes of The Last Supper are personal responsibility and the need to do what is necessary, not always what is convenient. If we do not move against the tide, we are swallowed up in it. It is no simple matter, yet in order for change and renewal to continue, some individuals must be willing to move against the prevailing current. Otherwise, stultification and decay set in, and entropy wins the day. Those who turn against the tide and make their own way stand out to each other, and to history.” (p. 15)


“The mood of The Last Supper is one of grandeur and decay. The story should evoke a number of operatic, even religious emotions. Awe, wonder, despair, corruption, and more are lurking within The Last Supper” . . . players “should be aware that their characters are taking part in a historical drama, one which may affect Kindred and kine alike” (p. 15)


Last Supper Epigraphs

Part 1 - The Last Supper

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