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This chronicle begins in April of A.D. 1444. Please see notes on Character Creation and read the introduction below. You may also want to consult some brief Historical Notes.


“Several weeks ago you received a visit from a richly dressed messenger. He brought you a perfumed invitation to a sumptuous dinner at the manse of Lord Claudius Giovanni. Giovanni is from a wealthy Italian trading family and is as feared as he is respected. Such an invitation is a high honor, and one not lightly turned down, even when it is from one as mysterious and distrusted as Lord Giovanni.

You get to decide whether your character reacted with shock, gratitude, or terror, but your character chose to go. Those from the lower social orders may conceivably be terrified at the prospect of being called upon to dine with the great and powerful, and may aspire to nothing more than getting home with their heads intact.

When an ornate carriage arrived for you, you packed your possessions (anything from your tunic without the holes to trunks full of brocaded silks), said farewell to your bewildered friends and family (furiously jealous husbands, suspicious abbots, etc.), and set off on what may likely be the longest trip you have ever taken – into the dark wilds of the Carpathian woods.

After a fortnight of jarring travel through rough roads, mud, and pouring rain, you arrive late at night at the Red Lamb, a cozy inn where most of the travelers are also on the roads to the Giovanni manse. The dinner at the manse is to be held the following evening, and you are to stay at the inn for the night.

The game now begins."

Future Fate

Keep in mind that while you know something of your character’s destiny, the character herself does not. The order of the chronicle is a set of 4 stories set across history: The Last Supper takes place in 1444, Blood and Fire is set in 1666, The Sun Has Set is in two eras of the 19th century, and as I warned you before, the last part, Nuova Malattia is told with new characters across the 20th century.

The Stories:
Part 1 – The Last Supper
Part 2 – Blood and Fire
Part 3 – The Sun Has Set
Part 4 – Nuova Malattia

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