Historical Notes

Historical Notes

“The date is April 4th, 1444. It is a time of chaos and death. The New World has not yet been discovered, and the Old World is awash in blood. The Crusades have come to a disastrous end for Christendom. The final Christian stronghold in the Holy Land fell 150 years ago, and subsequent Crusades have been utter failures. Suffering deep humiliation, Christendom turns inward. Like a trapped animal desperately gnawing on its own flesh, it unleashes a torrent of new Inquisitions, attempting to purge itself of unwanted elements.

“The Italian Renaissance has not yet reached the dark heart of Europe, and the Protestant Reformation is still almost a century away. As the Holy Roman Empire declines, the Turkish Empire ascends. The Moslem religious wars met with triumph, and solidify the Turks’ power base in the holy lands. In 1453, less than a decade after this story occurs, the Turks will topple the Eastern Orthodox Church and capture Constantinople, the holiest city in Christendom. They will be indirectly aided by the calculated indifference of a Western papacy eager to see the fall of its only rival for authority over the Christian world. From the newly seized holy city, the Turks will threaten all of Europe: a land devastated by the Hundred Years’ War, the War of the Roses, and the Black Death.

“But that is still 10 years away. For now, in 1444, Western Europe is a fool’s paradise, and the people enjoy a false sense of security. But in Central and Eastern Europe, tension and fear are part of daily life. Just south of the setting for this story is Wallachia, the center of the bloody no-man’s-land between the Moslem and Christian worlds, where Vlad Dracul, Prince of Wallachia and father of Vlad Tepes (the historical Dracula), struggles with conflicting demands and impossible loyalties. The more he fails at his hopeless task, the more he must watch his people suffer the wrath of two warring factions of God’s soldiers.”

Vampire History

The player may know these historical notes, but their character most definitely would not!

“In the vampiric world, the anarchs are on the move, breaking old shackles and asserting their right to rule their own destinies. Elders who have ruled for centuries grow uneasy as they feel their reins of control begin to go slack. The Tzimisce and Lasombra Antediluvians have been destroyed by the anarchs.

“The inquisition has taken a deadly toll on the Kindred, as many powerful elders have fallen to human hunters. The elders also feel the sting of the ceaseless holy wars , many of which the elders have spurred on. More than a few Kindred have had their holdings overrun by mortal soldiers in the service of other vampires, sometimes from their own clan.

“As a result, their cries for greater organization, coordination, and protection have grown loud. The first meeting of the two dozen elders who will for the Camarilla occurred 50 before this story begins, and in the intervening years they have presented their case well. But many elders resist the notion, preferring the perils of autonomy over surrendering authority to a group. What the founders of the future Camarilla need is a decisive event which will bring elders together to enforce a new set of rules.”

* Partial Timeline of Kindred History

  • 1394 – Pre-Camarilla: First Inter-Clan meeting to deal with the anarchs
  • 1395 – Tyler’s Attack: The Anarch Revolt begins
  • 1405 – The Lasombra Antediluvian dies at the hands of his own childe
  • 1413 – The Tzimisce Antediluvian is apparently attacked and destroyed by anarchs
  • 1420 – Anarch movement solidifies: Vinculum comes into common use (as a way to break the Blood Bonds imposed by elders in their childer)
  • 1444The Last Supper – the first story of this chronicle takes place!
  • 1450 – The Camarilla officially forms
  • 1486 – The Malleus Maleficarum is distributed and the Inquisition is reinvigorated

Historical Notes

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