Black Monastery

The Black Monastery

Kindred of the Black Monastery:
Lady Meridie de Chancie
Master Frazier
Lord Mendel
Lady Vladislava
Haakon Mortensen
Julian Sanders
Mateusz Gryzbowsky
Lady Melisande
Lord Theron
Lady Veradis
Lord Alexandre
Lady Intisar

“The compound is a former Augustine monastery, similar to its more famous brethren, the Hospice of St. Bernard. Built to withstand the harsh winters, it looks more like a fortress than a monastery, taking advantage of the terrain to serve as a first means of defense. The place has been further fortified by ghoul guards.”

“Inside the walls, one finds a comfortable, if austere, setting. The stable houses a number of horses, all of very fine breed and obviously expensive, and a couple of pack
mules. Across the courtyard is the chapel, a simple structure with few fancies on the outside. Beside the chapel rests the main building.”

“This severe-looking structure has been partially renovated to facilitate better living conditions. Originally housing over 30 monks, it now serves as the temporary headquarters of the new Sabbat sect. There is no second floor, only a ground floor and cellars below it. On the ground floor are the main hall, the private chambers of the various elders, a small dormitory for guests, another for ghouls, the library and a number of unused rooms. Any windows are shielded with bolted shutters and thick black draperies. The monastery was quite large, and the rooms being used now are clustered in one portion, leaving the rest unused.”

“Ghouls are guards and servants and nothing more. Any ghouls arriving with the characters will either be sent back to Basel or told to stay in the ghoul dormitory. Socializing with ghouls is frowned upon by most antitribu, while Sabbat clans outright forbid it and deride anyone foolish enough to be caught doing so.”

“Down in the subterranean portion is a wine cellar with a number of dusty bottles and clay jugs corked and sealed. These contain wines, most of them left over from the monks’ departure. Also, there are many earthenware jugs, much newer looking and sealed tightly. These are filled with blood with some strange weed floating in it (Perception + Herbalism, difficulty 8, to figure out it’s burdock). A few chambers, which might have been root cellars and pantries during the monastery’s use, are now mostly empty. One is being used by Vadislava as her “workroom”; another is used by Lord Mendel as a ritual chamber; and the third, in the bowels of the earth, is being used by Intisar for her own purposes.”

Black Monastery

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