Lord Thomas Camden

Cappadocian Seneschal of Prince Mithras (deceased)


Camden was some sort of a diplomat between the Ventrue and the Cappadocians, his position as Seneschal of London has allowed him to enjoy the riches of the city and experiment with dead corpses at will. He was also a proficient architect and engineer, constructing several secret havens across London to conduct his experiments. He was trusted enough by Mithras to act as his representative in proceedings with the Founders.

Camden had the theory that death occurs when the soul leaves the body, as such, he was a follower of the Road of Bones, and many other Cappadocians waited for his next discoveries. He believed that perhaps everything his clan has done and found about death may be wrong, so every study about the subject must begin with no assumptions. He was also a proficient historian, believing that Lazarus and Japheth, childer of Cappadocius, had been the same person and managed to decipher the location of Lazarus haven in Egypt.

Around the year 920, Lord Camden meet a mortal nun named María Asunción, he was impressed by her True Faith and decided to Embrace her.

Camden was ambushed by several Giovanni in his haven in 1514. He managed to kill six of the attackers, but was overwhelmed and killed. In a letter to Constancia, he made clear that he was tired of being hunted and had accepted the inevitable.

Mithras himself slaughtered the surviving attackers and used their remains to conduct a ritual that would protect the final resting place of his former seneschal.


Lord Thomas Camden

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