Lady Anne Bowesley

Ventrue (Child of Valerius)


In life, Anne was a subtle diplomat and peacemaker, adept at getting her own way by manipulating those around her. Although she lacked a formal education, she learned much of politics by listening to her father and brothers. In 1688 she and her husband were successful in deposing James II and placing William III on the British throne. Her role in the coup was noticed by Valerius, who offered her power and influence beyond her imagination. She gladly accepted, faked her death and then spent the next several decades keeping a low profile and learning the intricacies of kindred society. Once those she knew grew old and died, she reasserted herself into the halls of power she knew so well.

Her ambition and acumen fighting the Toreador and Tremere for influence over British society led to Mithras recognizing Parliament as her domain. Anne was fulfilling her father’s dreams, but all was not well. Valerius now saw her as a threat. She had accomplished more in a century than he had in half a millennium. As “Lady Anne”, she served under her sire Valerius, the seneschal for the ancient prince Mithras. During one of Mithras’ numerous sojourns out of London in the 18th century, Valerius made a de facto coup, taking the prince’s power in all but name.

Lady Anne Bowesley

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