Geoffrey Leigh

Gangrel Archon to Justicar Violetta of Paris


An extremely large and imposing man in his mid-20s, with a bristling mustache and long, wavy hair. He is somewhat swarthy by Kindred standards.


Born under the name Justinian in the Byzantine Empire, Leigh was originally a noble whose holdings lay near the frontiers and who had to fight several times against the invading Seljuk Turks. After a disastrous battle, which resulted in the death of all soldiers under his command, Leigh refused to give up, determined to avenge the deaths of his followers by killing as many Turks as possible, accepting his immanent death.

His ferocity and courage impressed the leader of the Turkish troops, a Gangrel in disguise. He met Leigh personal in battle, goading him to ever greater feats of war skill. When he was content with Leigh’s performance, he embraced him and left him to fend for himself. Leigh traveled the world afterwards, changing his name after Constantinople had been conquered. When he heard of the formation of the Camarilla, Leigh traveled to Paris and offered his services. He had served as an Archon since the 1400s under Violetta, valuing the life of an Archon and Violetta as his lover.

Geoffrey Leigh

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