Duchess Amber

Ventrue Methuselah


The Duchess of Amber and her husband are as withered a pair of mummies as you are ever likely to meet. They even smell old. While outwardly beautiful, appearing to be in their 20s, they are emotionally dead. They are the worst stereotype of the Ventrue and look a lot like each other. They wear moth-eaten finery that is at least three centuries out of date.


As a mortal, the duchess was a member of one of the oldest royal families in England. She was polished, intelligent and active – a seemingly perfect candidate for Embrace by the Ventrue. The duchess and her husband came to Mithras’ attention and he Embraced them in the hope that they would prove to be his greatest childer.

The Ambers quicly lost their spark and spent the next 900 years feeding their own monstrous but jaded appetites. They have been estranged from the Prince for at least 600 years. They are still his childer and highly-placed Ventrue, however. Mithras does not tolerate disrespect towards the couple.

Both of the Ambers enjoyed hunting other vampires (young Caitiff or anarchs of lower generation) for sport in The Crimson Bacchanal – an elite hunters’ club that served the bored and jaded Kindred aristocracy in London.

Duchess Amber

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