Camilla Banes

Founder of the Camarilla (Malkavian)


Camilla is exceedingly tall, and rosy cheeked. Her eyes change between dreamy vagueness and glittering intensity. Her mastery over Auspex allows her access to brief glimpses of the future, yet she does so in such non-specific terms as to be impossible to interpret until the event itself transpires.


Not much is known about her, but she was prone to strange visions and impressions that both frightened and delighted her. She felt the incoming destruction of both Japheth and Augustus usurpation of Clan Cappadocian coming, as well as the minor Maelstrom that would erupt within the shadowlands as a result.

During the Convention of Thorns, Camilla was one of those who supported the notion of the Camarilla and the inclusion of the Malkavians. Her part in the ritual that cut off Dementation from her Clan is unknown, but she was not among the Methuselahs that actually managed the feat.

She supported Hardestadt during the creation of the Camarilla and acted as the first Justicar of Clan Malkavian. She suffered from a split personality that manifested in a gentle and caring, as well as a vicious and brutal personality.

After the Convention of Thorns, she remained Justicar until the year 1504. Her future fate is unknown, but some believe that she still resides in the Inner Circle.

Camilla Banes

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