Andre Mallotte

Master of Ceremonies of the Crimson Bacchanal, Toreador (or Antitribu? Or Tremere?)


A squat, unhealthy-looking man, fat by vampire standards, flesh looking like something found under a rock in a bog. He has a pinched beak of a nose and rotten, yellowish fangs, and his long black hair is flecked with white, balding on top. He wears robes, and is rarely seen without a book. He also wears a pince-nez and carried a cane with a boar’s head on it.


Originally a scholar for ancient languages, including Chaldean and Enochean, Malotte was a minor member of the Conspiracy of Isaac to aid the Giovanni in ousting their parent clan. His sire was a high-ranking member of the conspiracy and after his death by the hands of the Founders, Malotte fled to London and placed himself under Mithras protection, in exchange for information about the Tremere, who had a long-running feud with the prince of London. Towards the Kindred community within London, he claimed that he was of the Toreador Clan. He also entertained several secret ties to the Sabbat and was an eager participant of the Crimson Bacchanal, forerunners of modern Hunt Clubs.

Andre Mallotte

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