Colin's Giovanni Chronicles

Blood & Fire (Session 7)

Act III - Flash Point

Blood & Fire (Session 7)

Dramatis Personae: The Children of Isaac and their Followers

  • Chana, a widowed Jewish merchant (Lasombra, Tanya)
  • Rylan, an armsman who has fought the Turks (Follower of Set, Josh)
  • Mercedes, a young Spanish noble woman (Malkavian, Jessie)
  • Velli, a rebellious peasant woman who despises the Inquisitions and Crusades of the Church (Brujah, Amy)
  • Gallo, a peasant hunter and trapper (Gangrel, Phil)
  • Adrianna, a young street urchin (Toreador, Metellus)
  • Marianna, the unwilling childe of Claudius Giovanni, ally of the Children of Isaac
  • Paul, a soldier crippled fighting the Turks, now made a ghoul by Rylan
  • Enzo, a bandit hired by Lothar to ambush the coterie, now made a ghoul by Chana

Act III: Flash Point (continued)

Scene Five: The Fire of London (September 2nd, 1666)

The Ascension of Mallotte (continued)

Andre Mallotte had invoked the power of The Sargon Fragment . . . and is essentially transformed into a vampiric fire elemental! The Children of Isaac battled the transformed Mallotte as the flames spread through his mansion. The flames seemed to be slowly degrading Mallotte himself as he hurled fire at the coterie.

The Children of Isaac became aware that there were faces in the flames as they battled Mallotte – eerily like those in the Maelstrom surrounding the death of Cappadocius! Marianna stepped forward, wearing the shroud and boots given to the Children of Isaac by Cappadocius, and the flames seemed to part before her . . . using her sword in a distinctly Eastern fighting stance, brought the blade down on Mallotte, splitting him cleanly in two (and the skull-scarab within his head, which boiled away into oozing white ectoplasm like the other they encountered).

The Children of Isaac departed from the mansion in haste, but the fire was already spreading. The Great Fire of London in 1666 had begun.

Marianna stated her intention to depart, and Justicar Violetta of Paris agreed to allow her to depart in peace as “payment for services rendered.” Before leaving, she cautioned the Children of Isaac against aligning themselves too tightly with either the Camarilla or the Sabbat. She mentioned that she had been in contact with Durga Syn (“Synovea”) about ten years earlier, who had revealed some mystical secrets to her – she suggested wearing the shrouds and boots given by Cappadocius while sleeping in a graveyard at least once a year to unlock their powers.

Marianna also stated her belief that the soul of Cappadocius still wanders the world in some form, though she does not know how, or as what. Her eyes held an expression much like that of Cappadocius himself as she said this.


Over the next few nights, neither Ambrogino Giovanni nor Count Jocalo resurfaced, and it quickly became apparent that neither was still in town. Prince Mithras and Justicar Violetta of Paris both show their appreciation for the efforts of the Children of Isaac, and they received permanent havens in London (once the city was rebuilt from the fire).

On September 6th, Velli killed Witchfinder General Matthew Hopkins in his inn room. “Evil is as evil does,” she observed. Prince Mithras had lifted his protection of Hopkins, since the outbreak of the Great Fire meant that he had outlived his usefulness.

The various members of the coterie began to go their own separate ways. Adrianna planned to go to Eastern Europe (Romania), West Asia, and make visits back to the Black Monastery in Switzerland to visit Lord Mendel when possible. She intended to check in on her haven in London every so often.

Next Session!

Beginning of Giovanni Chronicles III – The Sun Has Set in London, 1848!

  • 1 point automatic (all characters)
  • 1 point for “learning curve” (all characters)
  • 1 point for role-playing (all characters)
  • 1 point for “heroism”
  • 1 point of success
  • 1 point for danger
  • 1 point for wisdom

Plus 45 freebie points for the time advancement to 1848!


Valerianus Valerianus

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