Colin's Giovanni Chronicles

Blood and Fire (Session 4)

Act II - The Black Monastery to Act III - Flash Point

Blood & Fire (Session 4)

Dramatis Personae: The Children of Isaac and their Followers

  • Chana, a widowed Jewish merchant (Lasombra, Tanya)
  • Rylan, an armsman who has fought the Turks (Follower of Set, Josh)
  • Mercedes, a young Spanish noble woman (Malkavian, Jessie)
  • Velli, a rebellious peasant woman who despises the Inquisitions and Crusades of the Church (Brujah, Amy)
  • Gallo, a peasant hunter and trapper (Gangrel, Phil)
  • Adrianna, a young street urchin (Toreador, Metellus)
  • Paul, a soldier crippled fighting the Turks, now made a ghoul by Rylan
  • Enzo, a bandit hired by Lothar to ambush the coterie, now made a ghoul by Chana

Act II: The Black Monastery

Creation Rites and Vaulderie

On the third night at the monastery, Chana underwent the Sabbat Creation Rites. After clawing her way up out of her grave, the Sabbat present celebrated the Vaulderie, mingling all their blood in one chalice and drinking from it so as to form Vincula between all the members.

The Bold Marauder

On the fourth and final full night at the Black Monastery, Julian Sanders sought out Velli and invited her to go hunting with him, They went out into the wilds hunting, where it was revealed that their prey was a Lupine! Velli was used as bait in Julian’s scheme, distracting a Lupine long enough for him to shoot it with several silver bullets and take it down. Velli discovered the power and potentially addictive pleasures of Lupine blood that night, and kept a flask of it.

A Mysterious Source

On that fourth night, it was discovered that Marianna was present in the Black Monastery. She reluctantly agreed to join the coterie in their their quest to stop Ambrogino Giovanni. She had found evidence that Ambrogino had left for London, heading to find a scholar named Mallotte who might be able to translate the Chaldean manuscripts he had stolen from the Founders

The next night, the Sabbat (including Chana) celebrated the Vaulderie once more, and then the party departed for London!

Act III – Flash Point

Over the course of the next few months, the Childen of Isaac made their way from Switzerland through France to Calais. Along the way, they learned a little more about Andre Mallotte, who is said to be a vampire of the Toreador Clan, an expert on ancient languages, who frequents London’s opulent Strand district.

Scene One: Death of an Archon (August 29th, 1666)

Arriving in Calais in late August of 1666. the Children of Isaac made contact with a Captain Burr of the Sailor’s Moon who agreed to give them passage to Dover in exchange for blood from each of them (Burr is a ghoul who requires vampire vitae to maintain his immortality). They set sail on the night of August 29th, with another vampire on board, an Archon named Lester Vance, of Clan Tremere, and his two ghouls, Iago and Gretchen. He was on official Camarilla business.

Midnight Gambit

A heavy, unnatural fog laid across the English Channel that night. A Dutch ship called the Osprey came out of the fog and attacked. The Children of Isaac and Lester Vance managed to turn the tables on the would-be pirates and capture the Osprey.


The Sailor’s Moon and Osprey arrived in Dover late that night. Lester Vance had a carriage arranged to take him to London, and generously arranged to transport the Children of Isaac as well.

The Assassination (August 30th, 1666)

The Children of Isaac were traveling to London with the Archon Lester Vance and fell asleep as the sun rose. Unfortunately, they awakened to the noonday sun shining into their carriage as Lester Vance was pulled out and killed by 8 unknown ghoul assailants, masked and well armed. They had removed Lester Vance’s heart surgically before he was slain. They managed to fight back and kill some of the ghouls, who all seemed swarthy, non-European types. They stayed in the sunproofed carriage until nightfall, then rushed to London.

London – the Rosewood Inn

Upon their arrival in London, the Children of Isaac went to the Rosewood Inn which had been Lester Vance’s destination before he had been assassinated. Soon afterwards, soldiers of Prince Mithras, the vampire Prince of London, arrived to escort the Children of Isaac to an audience with Mithras at his mansion on the Strand, overlooking the Thames River.

Next Session!

Next time we shall continue the story beginning with the Children of Isaac presenting themselves to Prince Mithras!

  • 1 point automatic (all characters)
  • 1 point for “learning curve” (all characters)
  • 1 point for role-playing (all characters)


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